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I was born and raised in Cincinnati and our family lived in several different areas of the city. I know Cincinnati’s neighborhoods quite well and I have studied the market and trends here. My father was a successful Real Estate Broker for over 30 years – I often joke with people and tell them that I feel like I was raised in a real estate office. However, I chose a different path and began playing the drums at age 12 and I pursued studying music in my teen years.


Brian is a true team player and blends his harmonious music past well with the needs of home buyers from all walks of life. His father was a real estate broker years ago in Cincinnati and Brian grew up with first-hand knowledge of buyer needs, customer service, and our local market. Brian is very attentive, does his research, and can switch tempos easily to service his customers. He watches the market closely and his schedule is flexible so his customers won't miss a beat! 


Cell: 513.675.6316


Questions for Brian?

I'll be in touch, thank you!

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