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Kelli has been a successful agent for many years and her customers value her expertise and guidance, and many call on her for repeat help with additional real estate transactions. Kelli has a different approach to real estate whereby she really extends herself as a professional and a friend to become an integral part of each transaction and circle of people involved in its successful culmination. She dedicates herself with integrity. At home Kelli is focused on her husband Rick, and spends a lot of time in her kitchen, garden, and with grandchildren, which is also why she truly appreciates and understands that feeling of “home” that the right house provides. Kelli sincerely wants for her customers to rely on her and trust that together the journey to making a move and transition will ultimately result in a more positive and satisfying home life for owners, family, pets, and more. She also seeks out and volunteers at many neighborhood charities, events, and initiatives that give back to the local community though service and donations. Kelli puts her heart and soul into her real estate work and it shows with the overlapping friendships, networking, and professional alliances she creates and sustains.

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Cell: 513.706.7600


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